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Products for home exercise programs to help you reach your treatment goals

These products & tools are specially recommended by our therapists.

The items on this page are recommended for use as part of a home exercise program in conjunction with hand therapy.
Please consult your therapist if you have questions on appropriate use of these tools.

Thumb splint


Therapy Putty

TheraBand Resistance Bands

Sensitive K-Tape

Kinesio Tape Strips

Kinesio Tape Roll

TheraBand FlexBar

Oval-8 Finger Splints


Cocoa Butter

Jade Gua Sha

Hand Grip Strengthener


Vertical Mouse

Vertical Mouse

Jar Opener w/ Base Pad

Electric Jar Opener

Rubber Jar Grippers

Mezzaluna w/ Silicon Handle

Gyro Spinner

Silicone Cupping Set

Paraffin Wax Machine

Paraffin Wax

Ergonomic Pillow

Foam Roller

Barre Ball

Lacrosse Balls

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