Understanding Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

manual therapy for carpal tunnel syndrome treats symptoms and relieves pain at bothell hand clinic

by Matt Glass, Occupational Therapist, Hand Clinic Carpal tunnel syndrome is an injury of the wrist that causes tingling, numbness, and pain in the thumb and fingers. It can restrict movement and limit your ability to perform normal daily activities. Causes  In anatomical terms, carpal tunnel syndrome is caused by impingement of the median nerve […]

Healthcare Expenses You Can Deduct on Your Tax Return

open laptop computer and receipts calculating medical health insurance expenses you can deduct on our tax return

Some out-of-pocket healthcare expenses can be deducted on your tax return when you file this year. This includes medical and dental expenses for yourself, your spouse, and your dependents for the previous year, plus mileage driven to and from appointments. For those who’ve had recurring doctors appointments, therapy, surgery, or have ongoing medical expenses for […]

Understanding Your Insurance EOB

healthcare in scrabble letters with fern leaf

Your insurance EOB, or Explanation of Benefits, summarizes the cost of each of your medical visits including what your insurance paid and what amount you owe to your provider(s). An EOB is not a bill, but will detail what amount of the bill is your responsibility to pay. Here are some of the most common […]

Tips to Avoid Injuries when Skiing or Snowboarding

person snowboarding and doing a jump that could result in injury and require hand therapy

We’d like to share a few preventative tips on how to avoid injuries when skiing or snowboarding this Winter. These tips come from the American Academy of Orthopedic Surgeons: Warm up thoroughly before playing sports. Cold muscles, tendons and ligaments are more vulnerable to injury. Take lessons. Beginners have a higher risk of injury, especially […]

How Hand Therapy Helped a Musician Restore Use of His Hands

gordon tibbits guitar player and teacher relieved his pain at bothell hand therapy

Gordon is a musician who came to us with constant pain in his hands, which prevented him from teaching and performing. After hand therapy, he has fully resumed his daily activities and his masterful guitar playing with little to no pain. Here’s what he had to say about the experience: “I was referred to Bothell […]

Can Exercise Ward off Cold and Flu Symptoms?

couple jogging through a forest path on a cold sunny day to ward off fever and flu and boost immune system

As cold and flu season approaches, so does the season of illness prevention. From getting a flu shot to adding more whole food nutrients to your diet, prevention often becomes a focus for many this time of year. Individuals may try to avoid getting sick or to miss work and school, so they can maximize their energy through the upcoming holiday […]

5 Exercises for Improving Balance & Preventing Falls

When we’re young, falls are treated as teaching opportunities. “Get back on your feet, brush yourself off and keep moving toward your goals,” we were told.  But as we age, falls take on a much greater significance. When someone of advanced age falls, they tend to suffer greater distress to their health as well as their pocketbooks.  In other words, a fall can greatly impact a senior’s ability to […]

5 Exercise Myths for People 55 and Older

While it’s expected that most older people tend to slow down with age, the notion that seniors and soon-to-be seniors should trade in exercise and their active lifestyles for bingo and rocking chairs is definitely antiquated, say physical therapists. And yet, when it comes to exercise for the 55-and-older population, plenty of myths continue to […]

7 Fitness Tips for Summer Vacation Travel

It’s vacation season, and for many that means visiting faraway friends, exploring new places and possibly even crossing some things of the ol’ bucket list. Unfortunately, traveling often also means lots of sitting, interrupted sleep patterns due to time zone changes, unhealthy eating, and workout routines that are sporadic, if not nonexistent. But, travel doesn’t […]

Volunteering Benefits Seniors Physically & Mentally

For some, the Holiday Season can be a time of social isolation and loneliness.  This can be especially true for older adults who live alone.  Research shows social isolation can have adverse effects such as depression, reduced cognitive function, decreased activity, and many physical conditions.  For instance, we tend to see more instances of issues like high blood pressure, heart disease […]