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Parent + Me Early Development and Gross Motor Group

Interested in learning more about purposeful play to encourage development and bond with your child? Bothell Pediatric & Hand Therapy presents Parent + Me Early Development and Gross Motor Group. This parent and infant class focuses on purposeful play activities to promote gross motor skills, learning and parent/child bonding. Discussions will be related to toys and equipment you should and should not use to promote development.

This group will be held every Wednesday, for four weeks, starting February 2, 2022 – at Bothell Pediatric & Hand Therapy Clinic.
Ages 3-5 months are welcome!
Cost for registration is $400 for 4 sessions
To register please call us at 425.481.1933 – spots are limited!

Sessions to include additional information on:
-Why Motor Skills Matter
-Motivation and How to Engage Your Kiddo
-20minutes of Purposeful Play Everyday
-Equipment Discussion: bumbo/upseat, exersaucer, walkers, jumpers and etc.

Please consider wearing comfortable clothing to move around and sit comfortably on the floor. Please bring a blanket or small playmat and any specific toys that motivate your child (i.e., rattle), and any questions about your child’s development.

This is a wellness class and is not considered physical therapy. If you have a referral from your physician or are concerned that your child is behind, please contact us for a physical therapy evaluation at 425.481.1933

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