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Ask the Expert Community Education Series presents:

Got Thumb Pain?

Wednesday Nov. 20, 2019

7:00 – 8:00pm • Free

Location: McMenamin’s Thorndike Room (inside the Woodshop restuarant), 18607 Bothell Way NE

About the Event

man in purple shirt on this phone texting with his thumbs looking for information on thumb pain relief

Thumb pain can happen to anyone, and you never know how much you need your thumbs until you can’t use them. Whether a result of injury, overwork, arthritis, or too much time spent texting or gaming, thumb pain can be frustrating at best, and debilitating at worst.

If you use your thumbs every day and would like to keep it that way,  join us on November 20th at McMenamin’s for Natural Ways to Treat and Prevent Thumb Pain. Free to the public.

What You’ll Learn

  • Which everyday activities can activate hand pain
  • Common thumb pain conditions
  • Treatments for thumb pain
  • Exercises and stretches to keep your fingers healthy
  • When to seek treatment for your pain

The best way to avoid thumb pain is to know how to prevent it. If you’re already experiencing pain, discover what treatments could help you. Join us November 20th to learn how you can retain or regain healthy thumbs!

RSVP by emailing Free parking. Childcare will not be available for this event.

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