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Hand Clinic Appointments - What to Expect


Hand Clinic Location:

18606 Bothell Way NE, Bothell, WA 98011

Our parking lot is just off of Bothell Way and 186th St, across from McMenamin’s & behind Caffe Ladro

bothell pediatric and hand therapy hand clinic building on 186th ave ne and bothell way ne     





What to Bring:

Please bring your calendar. After your Initial Evaluation or therapy appointment, plan on booking your next appointments according to the treatment frequency recommended by your therapist. Compliance with your treatment plan will enable you to reduce pain, heal properly, and reach your therapy goals sooner.

What to Know Before your Appointment:

If you are unable to attend the appointment alone, you may bring only one person with you to the clinic (driver, interpreter, parent /guardian).

Please plan to bring your own face mask. If you do not have a mask for yourself (or your accompanying person), we will provide one for you. Adults are expected to wear a mask in our clinic. We understand that some children may not tolerate or be able to wear a mask.

What to Expect @ the Clinic:

1. When you arrive for your scheduled appointment, call us from the parking lot at 425-892-2243, option #2 to let us know you are here. Our Office Manager will then call you back to let you know when the lobby is clear and you may enter the clinic.

2. When you enter, we will ask you to sanitize your hands with our no-touch dispenser, located in the lobby.

3. After hand sanitizing, our Office Manager (who will be wearing a mask) will take your temperature with a no-contact thermometer and ask you COVID-19 screening questions. If temperatures are below 100.4 and your screening answers are “No,” the scheduled appointment will continue.

4. Your therapist, who will be wearing a mask, face shield, and gloves, will take you back to the treatment room.

5. You will then be asked to wash your hands with soap and water before treatment begins.

6. When treatment is finished, the therapist will walk you back to the front desk to schedule your treatment plan appointments.

7. Copays, coinsurance amounts, and patient balancescan be paid online through our website at or by calling our Billing office at (425) 892-2243, option #3.


Thank you, we look forward to seeing you in the Hand Clinic soon!

Call us at 425-892-2243. It is our pleasure serving you.

To contact us about your appointment, or to schedule, please visit our Contact page >