In April we’re celebrating National Occupational Therapy Month!

The goal of a pediatric OT is to help each child participate in activities of daily life, such as playing with other children, dressing and caring for themselves, relating to others, helping around the house, and participating in school and community activities.

 Our therapists specialize in treatment methods that decrease anxiety, improve focus, attention, and self-regulation skills, create more independence and boost a child’s confidence.

So in the spirit of National Occupational Therapy month, we put together a list of words A-Z that describes some of the many ways that OT helps children thrive:

A – Adapt

B – Behavior

C – Cooperation

D – Development

E – Exercise

F – Flexible

G – Games

H – Happy

I – Independence

J – Joyful

K – Kangaroo Swing

L – Leap

M – Muscles

N – Need

O – Observe

P – Play!

Q – Question

R – Riding

S – Stomp, Squish, Squeeze, Smile!

T – Table time

U – Unassisted

V – Vestibular

W – Weights

X – Xylophone

Y – Yell!

Z – Zipper

We treat patients from infancy through adolescence to help them reach their milestones and succeed independently at home, at school, in social situations, and out in the community.

Our licensed occupational therapists work with children who are not meeting their developmental milestones (in social, communication, self-care, fine and gross motor skills), children with Autism, and children who have difficulty with self-regulation and sensory processing.

If you’re interested in occupational therapy for your child, visit our OT page to learn more and contact us to get started.

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