Meet Our Physical Therapists

Becky Rousseau

Physical Therapist

Becky grew up in Massachusetts and is a new arrival to the Pacific NW. She had always wanted to work in healthcare or in service to others. Growing up as a dancer, Becky had injuries that landed her in PT throughout the years.

She was lucky to have a high school internship in pediatric PT/OT and fell in love with teaching kids how to walk, jump and explore their environment independently. After learning about Pediatric PT, Becky knew without a doubt that it would be her career path.

She went on to attend American International College in Western MA, where she earned a BS in Health Science and a Doctorate of Physical Therapy. She is continuing her PT training in TMR (Total Motion Release) for Tots, to further improve functional outcomes for patients.

In therapy, Becky loves being able to play like a kid but with a therapist mindset, while making supportive connections with patient families. She brings a fun, exciting, playful approach to physical therapy at BPHT.

In her free time, you can find Becky on the trails hiking, backpacking or skiing. She also loves traveling and cooking new vegetarian recipes.

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