Meet Our Occupational Therapists

Chris Rothmier OTR/L

Occupational Therapist

Chris has always been interested in working with and assisting others, spending most of his career in service-oriented roles of one form or another. He received both his Bachelors (Psychology) and a Masters (Occupational Therapy) degrees from the University of Washington. After receiving his Bachelors, he was immediately drawn into the booming local technology sector, and spent 15 subsequent years doing IT service management for local and national clients. While leading a team through a transition at a local hospital, Chris was surrounded by direct patient care examples and became determined to return to his initial interests in a person-based healthcare support role, rather than an enterprise-oriented focus.

He received extensive exposure to pediatric therapy while doing volunteer work at BPHT before the start of his graduate program at UW. Fieldwork and internships during his master’s program included outpatient pediatrics, early intervention, and school-based OT support. Each of these experiences provided affirmation that he had chosen the correct next steps in his career.

Chris lives in Bothell with his wife and 2 daughters. He coaches youth softball and soccer teams and is a Board member for the local softball league. He enjoys playing golf and hosting barbecues with friends and family.

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