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Garth Shippen, L/CO, Pediatric Specialist/Research, Licensed/Board Certified Orthotist


Garth Shippen, L/CO is a state-licensed/ABC-certified orthotist with over 35 years of clinical experience, much of that time devoted to the clinical applications of pediatric lower extremity orthotics and gait. He is a 1985 graduate of the University of Washington Prosthetics/Orthotics program and worked extensively at Seattle Children’s Hospital, University of Washington, and Hanger Clinic, where he served as a pediatric gait and CRO (cranial remolding orthosis/helmet) specialist and subject matter expert in pediatric orthotics.

Partway through this journey, he reunited with Kristie Bjornson, Ph.D./MS/PT, and helped develop a collaborative pediatric gait/orthotics clinic to better meet the needs of children and their families. This partnership has greatly improved patient outcomes, parent education, and communication between care team members by having an experienced physical therapist and orthotist work side by side in the clinical setting. Additionally, they have worked together on research projects evaluating an evidence-based approach to lower extremity orthotics, the importance of shoe design, and their holistic effect on gait and function. As each child has individual needs and challenges, this approach is tailored to uniquely address their presentation and not a “one size fits all” philosophy. He looks forward to partnering with Meghan Patton, DPT, Rebecca Rousseau, DPT, and the staff at Bothell Pediatric Therapy to bring this collaborative ideology to all aspects of orthotic treatment.

Outside of the clinic, Garth is married with two adult children, one dog, and two doggy grandchildren. When not at the clinic, you can find him pushing a broom, trimming roses, or delivering flowers at his wife’s flower shop.

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