Meet Our Support Team

Katelyn Jones

Front Desk Coordinator/ Therapy Aide

Katelyn was born and raised in the Pacific NW. She studied film and theatre at Shoreline Community College and has both an acting and a film degree. She says if she goes back to school, she will either study biology or clowning. Maybe both. ?

Her work experience includes reception/ customer service roles and acting. Previously, Katelyn worked in customer service at a skydiving dropzone and has had numerous roles in all types of stage plays. She was also an extra in Grey’s Anatomy season 15.

Katelyn loves working with children and joined BPHT out of a desire to do fulfilling work in a warm and inviting environment, where she can help families improve their lives every day. She brings organizational skills, reliability, and a sense of humor to the BPHT team.

In her free time, Katelyn loves watching films (especially awfully-made ones) and making props and costumes with her dad.

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