Meet Our Physical Therapists

Katrina Shull

Physical Therapy Assistant

Katrina earned her Bachelor’s in Sociology from UW and her PT Assistant (PTA) degree from Lake Washington Institute of Technology. She had a clinical rotation at Seattle Children’s and discovered that pediatrics was the path for her.

Since childhood, Katrina has been intrigued by the human body. She was a dedicated ballet dancer growing up and aspired to become a professional dancer. But an injury forced her to re-evaluate her path. She received PT to recover, which sparked her interest in this field. Now as a PTA, she loves using her knowledge of the human body to help others heal and live fuller lives.

Katrina has always loved kids, and her goal is to continually find new ways to make physical therapy fun. The #1 reason she loves being a pediatric PTA? Helping children achieve goals that can make a huge impact on their lives. She is excited to continue building her knowledge base while growing as a clinician at BPHT.

In her free time, Katrina loves hiking, biking, and doing all things outdoors with her fiancé, taking dance classes, playing with her cat, and doing calligraphy.

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