Meet Our Support Team

Natalie Grazian

OT Aide/ Marketing Assistant

Natalie was born and raised in San Diego, California, and moved to Washington state in August of 2017. This is her first position in the healthcare realm. Originally, she majored in English during her college years but is now interested in occupational therapy.

Natalie is excited to be at BPHT to soak up as much knowledge as she can about occupational therapy. She enjoys assisting patients and finds hands fascinating and complex. She finds it gratifying to watch patients get better and engage in activities they love. Natalie brings enthusiasm, curiosity, and drive to BPHT to help occupational therapists do their best work. She is currently applying for graduate school so that she can pursue a career in occupational therapy.

In her free time, Natalie enjoys baking and cooking with her fiancé, going to concerts, practicing yoga and Pilates, reading books, and spending time with her cat and dog. Currently, she is learning how to play the drums and drinks too much coffee.

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