Patient Testimonials

Our patient community shares about their experiences at BPHT

Pediatric Therapy Patient Reviews


My son goes here for speech, OT and social skils. The entire staff is amazing and he has come so far in only a couple months. I can’t wait to see how much farther he will go.

Thank you again for your dedication!

Elizabeth Rutledge


We’ve been taking our 9 year old son with Autism to BPandHT for 18 months and have been pleased with the progress we’ve seen to date.

The providers all have a genuine care for our son and the staff is extremely flexible, friendly and professional.  We’ve been very happy with our experience with the team at BPandHT!

David K


Our experience has been amazing! Working with Chris has far exceeded our expectations. He is an expert in his field and is a natural working with kids. Our son looked forward every week to his session with Chris. There was a solid partnership between the parents, therapists, and school to best support our son

Kingston Baggett

Hand Therapy Patient Reviews


I was in pain in my left index finger and needed therapy to heal the injury. Being left handed, I had trouble writing.

The therapy was really good at reducing the pain and swelling. I now have completely recovered the use of my finger and can play guitar and write with ease. The staff here are great and good people. 

Lee Capell


I had a severe wrist injury and received excellent treatment and rehabilitation here. My wrist healed really quickly and solidly. Then I had a shoulder injury and did some therapy on that as well.

It turned out to be worse than any therapy could heal, but we tried and tried – and I am so grateful for that. I will go back if I ever have a need. Kimberly and her staff are great!

Jeannine Frazier Boone


This place is incredible. They really care about you.

They had taken me quite far before I moved. I thought I would never use my hand again.

John Reis

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