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The Pediatric Center

Our pediatric therapy clinic offers occupational therapy, physical therapy and speech language therapy to help children grow and thrive

A Comprehensive Approach to Pediatric Therapy

Our goal is to help children strive for successful functioning and independence in the activities of daily living. BPHT’s unique approach focuses on the successful integration of brain & body systems to promote healthy growth and development in children. We promote collaboration among our therapists to ensure optimal functional outcomes. 

After the initial evaluation, an individualized treatment plan is created for each child tailored to their specific condition and developmental needs. We use a holistic approach to effectively give children and parents helpful tools, techniques and resources to help them thrive.

BPHT employs a team of experienced therapists specialized in pediatrics, including Physical Therapists, Occupational Therapists, and Speech Language Pathologists. Our dedicated therapists maintain a high level of continuing education so that we can uphold high standards for the services we provide.

Occupational Therapy

Our Occupational Therapists help children improve their ability to perform everyday tasks like playing, eating, and socializing.

Speech Therapy

Our Speech-Language Pathologists help children develop and improve language, communication, cognitive processing, and social skills.

Physical Therapy

Our Physical Therapists help children restore function, reach motor milestones, prevent/limit physical disabilities, and more.