Alex attended the Physical Therapy Association of WA (PTWA) Conference this last fall and found this poster presented of worthy mention. In the early 90’s, the American Academy of Pediatrics began the Back-to-Sleep program to help decrease the amount of SIDS. Back-to-Sleep did a great job of decreasing SIDS but it led to a rise in torticollis, an imbalance in neck muscles causing a change in head positioning, and plagiocephaly, a flat or misshapen head. These are not completely uncommon and are correctable with proper intervention and education. This study revealed that only 36% of infants with torticollis/DP were seen by a specialist which is concerning! If this is an issue that you’re concerned about, a meeting with a pediatric physical therapist would answer a lot of your questions. We are here to help parents and caregivers with hands on training of holding the baby, positioning and stretches for improved alignment, and better opportunities for visual tracking. Our purpose is to promote the flourishing of life by fostering discovery and learning in infants and young children.

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